This site is for Dodo Books and also owner Anthony Cheke‘s publications, together with some information about each, and indeed Anthony himself & his ecological & historical activities over 50 years or so.

Dodo Books was set up to make available natural history and biological science books that publishers have ‘remaindered’ and are thus no longer obtainable from mainstream bookshops.  However as nothing nowadays escapes the internet, I have become much more selective in what I seek out, and also have a number of scarce if sometimes somewhat obscure secondhand titles.

Although I have visited, bird-watched, worked and written about many places, my most concentrated studies have been connected with wildlife and conservation on islands in the Indian Ocean, particularly the Mascarenes (Mauritius, Réunion, Rodrigues), but also the Seychelles and Comoros.  Although the main focus has generally been birds, I have not infrequently strayed into bats and reptiles, and the general ecological history of the islands, fortunately well documented from travellers’ accounts from 1600 onwards (before which the were human-free and full of unusual animals – such as, of course, Dodos).